JBN Design offers two levels of automation for wick insertion.

The AUTOMATIC WICK CRIMPER/INSERTER cuts and crimps the wick to form a pretab before automatically inserting/centering/securing the pretab in the container. 

The SEMI-AUTOMATIC WICK INSERTER automatically centers and secures manually inserted wicks. This unit requires pre-tabbed wicks and an operator.  


From the Spool to the Container in One Operation

The Automatic Crimper/Inserter crimps, cuts, centers, and secures a wick/sustainer assembly in containers before conveying the container to the filling station.

The JBN Design Automatic Wick Crimper/Inserter has been designed with the North American candle manufacturer in mind.  Minimal set-up time when changing container types and having the flexibility to move the unit from one production line to another, makes this unit a versatile and affordable choice compared to the larger, dedicated line machines on the market. 


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Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates manual pre-wicking of containers
  • Wick feed, crimp, and cut are all done in one operation
  • Cuts and crimps wick using a 15 mm or a 20 mm sustainer
  • Guarantees a centered wick every time
  • Quick and easy set-up when changing container types
  • Glue or wax can be used to affix sustainer to containers
  • Easily adjusts for different container heights
  • Wicks up to 42 containers per minute*
  • Entire unit is mounted on a movable support frame
  • Integrates into most filling lines and existing conveyor systems
  • Can be used as a crimper for producing pre-tabs when not used for inserting wicks
  • Easy access to blade replacement and all adjustments
  • Made in the USA
    *Average production rate. Production quantities will vary depending on length of wick and speed of container in-feed.


May be used with most existing in-line conveyors (pictured) 

Adapts to many rotary dials, star wheels, etc.


Easy access to blade replacement and adjustments.

Wick feed, crimp and cut are all done in one operation.



Although the JBN Design Automatic Wick Crimper/Inserter can make crimped wicks without placing them into containers, it is not designed for that specific purpose.  If you are interested in stand-alone high-production crimping machines or other related machinery such as wick waxers, please visit www.omp.it or www.candleresources.com for more information.



This wick inserter has been designed with both the large and small candle manufacturer in mind.  The unit is simple to maintain and operate, offers quick and easy changeover, and is great for small runs where the candle manufacturer has to frequently change the size and type of wick used.



The Semi-Automatic Wick Inserter simplifies and speeds up the task of manually centering and gluing pre-tabbed wicks in containers before pouring.

Jar output is approximately 30 to 50 pieces per minute.

Models are available for

two-wick placement.


The Inserter moves the jar from an optional conveyor line to a dial where a spot of hot-melt glue is dispensed.  The jar then rotates to the next station on the dial and an operator places a pre-tabbed wick into the jar. The pre-tabbed wick is located to the center of the container and held in place with glue. The amount of glue dispensed can be regulated.    The jar is then rotated back onto the optional conveyor belt. 

The Semi-Automatic Wick Inserter can be equipped with an optional tray for stand-alone, off-line operation.



Glue and wick positioning stations. System easily adjusts to accommodate many container diameters.


Features and Benefits 

  • Speeds up the process of pre-wicking containers
  • Any size wick and round metal sustainer may be used
  • Quick changeover, great for short-run production
  • Adds consistency to the pre-wicking process
  • Facilitates wick centering
  • Simplifies glue application
  • Controls quantity of glue applied leading to glue savings
  • Easily adjusts for different container diameters
  • Integrates into most filling lines and existing conveyor systems
  • Easy to operate
  • Custom systems can be set up to insert multiple wicks
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Model for Two-Wick Placement also available. Requires compressed air, pre-tabbed wicks, off-line tray or conveyor.


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