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Jar Preheater
Remelt Station

The Safe Way to Preheat Jars and to Remelt
Safety is important when heating glass prior to pouring or when remelting to achieve smooth surfaces. The JBN Design Preheater/Remelter eliminates the risks of wax flare-ups and glass breakage caused by overheating with photoeyes that automatically turn heat on/off if glass is stationary or not present. The Preheater/Remelter features maximum flexibility, it can be used for containers of any size and it can easily be moved and positioned anywhere on the line.

Height Over Containers is Adjustable
3-Zone Heating for Controlling Heat Intensity
7.2 KW Total Heater Capacity
240 VAC Single-Phase 30 amps
Moveable Support Stand
For Use with Wire-Mesh Conveyors without Plastic Wear Strips

Made in the U.S.A.
model shown for 24” to 36” W conveyors
JBN Design 
Ludlow, MA 01056