The systems on this page are a few of the many ways to configure a filling line.  Choosing conveyor length and type is easy when setting up a dedicated line.  When more than one product needs to be manufactured on the same line, choosing which types and combinations of machinery can be a difficult task.

JBN Design designs systems that range from a single dispenser to multiple dispensers with automatic container loading and unloading. We have developed a list of questions that may help you gather important information that is helpful when deciding how to set up your filling line. 
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Conveyors and Transfer Stations
Wire Mesh Conveyor System This type of conveyor is generally used when "filling on the fly". A photo-eye will see the container and start a dispensing cycle. The conveyor belt is made of a heavy duty flat wire mesh. The belt speed is variable.
Dispensing Systems
Wick Crimp and Inserting
Racks and Trays
Roller Conveyor and 
Indexer System
This type of conveyor is generally used with containers or jarware with small openings and large volumes to be filled. A computer - controlled indexer stops the container racks under the dispenser nozzles for filling and moves it out after the timed fill is completed. The indexer includes an escapement at the beginning of the conveyor to control the container racks.
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