Maximum Production with Flexibility
JBN Design Gravity Dispensers are designed to be versatile and easy to use. Our filling machines offer minimal set-up time between product changeovers and the flexibility to move the machines from one production line to another.
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Features and Benefits
  • Movable heads make it possible to adjust the spacing between the heads/nozzles to accommodate most sizes of containers and molds.
  • Each head can be turned on/off independently to further accommodate very large container spacing.
  • Each head can be regulated to control speed of flow.
  • Available with up to 16 heads.
  • Fits over any standard conveyor and can be incorporated into most existing systems.
  • Support Lift-Frame easily adjusts for height and moves the dispenser from one production line to another.
  • Optional Automatic Feed-Level Control with overflow protection maintains constant level of product.
  • Nozzles can be changed to attain different flow characteristics that may be needed for different products.
  • Can be used at room temperature or heated for products such as cleaners, oils, grease, paraffin, gels and other similar products.
  • Tank heater is separate from unit to allow preheating on a separate electrical circuit.
  • Each head has its own individually controlled heater and thermostat. (most models).
  • Pneumatically actuated stainless steel ball valves are standard. Plug Valve model also available.
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General Specifications
  • 4.5 oz./sec. per head maximum flow rate.
  • Three operating modes (manual, timed, and auto-timed).
  • Choice of automatic fill activation. Photo-Eye,  Relay Indexing, Etc.
  • Jacketed tank with stainless steel inside and carbon steel outside. 
    • 13.5 U.S. gallon product capacity
    • 10.75 U.S. gallon heat transfer fluid capacity
  • Electrical requirements 110 VAC, 50/60HZ.
    • Tank heater 20 AMPs
    • Dispenser controls 15 AMPs  (most units)
  • Air requirements  60 80 PSI @ 2.0 CFM (most models)
  • Modifications and Custom Machinery

    JBN Design offers many options to configure your filling line to best suit your individual needs.

    For specific needs or to integrate into existing equipment, modifications can be made to our standard line. Custom machinery is also available.

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