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JBN Design is a manufacturer of container filling systems and related machinery for dispensing paraffin, glue, cosmetics and other like products. JBN Design equipment is designed to be versatile and easy to use with an emphasis on being compact in size. This results in minimal set up times between product changeovers, the availability to move machines from one production line to another, and the opportunity to add machines as production increases or to incorporate with existing machinery.

JBN Design Inc. has entered a partnership with OMP (Officine Meccaniche Pontida) of Italy. OMP has been a leading manufacturer of high-production candle making machinery since 1905. JBN Design will be available for parts, service and installation of OMP machinery in North America. OMP has added JBN Design's Liquid Gravity Dispensers and other machinery to their extensive line of candle making machinery products. With this partnership, both OMP and JBN Design will make the sales and service of their machinery more available to customers worldwide.

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